Ben deHoedt

Composer / Film Maker

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A film by Ben deHoedt
"Dead Weight Beauty" written by William Arthur and performed by Glide

"DISAPPEAR HERE" will be about William Arthur, Glide and the shifting sands of the Australian Music industry of the 1990’s. I’ve filmed just one of at least a dozen planned interviews. Hoping to get filming again in Melbourne in early 2022. Fingers crossed, SYD will follow not long after. This clip was soundtracked with William Arthur's sublime “Dead Weight Beauty”, featuring home video recordings from the Arthur family and footage which I shot recently in NZ.

Aside from the musicians who made Glide the band it was, I will be working with artists including Steve Kilbey, Vincent Giarrusso and Jamie Hutchings to explore the 90's through interviews and narrative. “DISAPPEAR HERE” will be a uniquely textural, dreamy exploration of a turbulent decade as lensed through the experience of one of Australia’s most criminally underrated songwriters… and I say this knowing that William hated being called underrated! He always said he’d prefer to be called overrated if it meant Glide were successful and had the audience they deserved.

If you are able to contribute any photos, audio or video from the decade whether it be streets, punters or bands of the time, please get in touch via my Facebook page. I am also seeking a few particular articles about Glide from 1992 - 1994 editions of the Drum Media.

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