Ben deHoedt

Composer / Film Editor

Ben deHoedt is an Australian composer, songwriter and film editor. Originally from Adelaide, he has lived in Melbourne since 2007 where he works by day as a social worker. He has been writing music and experimenting with sound collage since he was a teenager, forming his first band at the age of 16. Ben’s abilities as a song writer and arranger were honed during his formative years as part of the Adelaide music scene, finding his own distinct voice. Ben’s passion for film grew during his time working as a projectionist, continuing to explore instrumental and electronic music production.

Ben deHoedt’s music is about atmosphere, journeys and the shifting boundaries between the tangible and emotional worlds in which we live. Texturally rich and transparently produced, deHoedt’s music is influenced by and evokes the realm of cinema – favouring the darker corners of our imagination, serving to colour perceptions rather than impose meaning.

In 2016, Ben began researching and developing a documentary on rock group 'The Police'. All Noises by the Police is a visually arresting psychological portrait of the band told in their own words through archival footage & interviews: a surreal, dream-like collage of narration, recollection, image and music exhibiting a stylistic affinity with the work of Julien Temple and David Lynch. A working cut was completed in 2018, with the input of drummer and founding member Stewart Copeland and guitarist Andy Summers, which has been praised by film maker Jeff Krulik as “an impressive debut”.

Ben is seeking to expand his musical and editorial horizons through score and documentary projects. You can contact Ben here.

Photo credits: Sting (red background) © Lawrence Impey / The Police (live photo montage) © Robert Asbury. Used with permission.