Ben deHoedt

Composer / Film Maker


On his second LP, deHoedt has created a glimmering world of neon lights, reflections and treacherous mirages. A departure from his last album, his new music is built upon rhythm, warm synthesisers and voices in the dark. Inspired by classic undercover police dramas from "Miami Vice" to "Deep Cover", these songs are cinematic in their atmosphere and scope. Themes of paranoia, duality and dissonance are central to the album and inform the soundscapes beneath the lyrics. These are songs which exist in a certain world with a distinct mood. Ben recorded and produced the album in his home studio through 2020-22. FOR RELEASE ON DECEMBER 10, 2022

Written, performed and produced by Ben deHoedt
Mastered by Don Bartley.
Album cover by Ben deHoedt. For independent release in 2022-3 via Bandcamp.